1.What are the facilities school provides to their children?

  • Van/Bus
  • Ball Pool
  • Slides
  • Spacious Activity Room
  • Smart Class
  • Library
  • Age Appropriate Furniture
  • Playground
  • Safe and Loving Environment
  • Story Telling Corner
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Health Check-up
  • Sleeping Room(Rest Room)

2.What are the school timing?

Summer- 08:00am to 1:00pm(1th to 5th)
Summer-09:00am to 12:30pm(Play-UKG)
Winter-08:30am to 1:30pm

3.Do you have a Day care?

Yes, we do have day care facility for the children of age 2 years to 10 years from morning 08:30am to 02:00pm.

4.What are the documents parents require for admission?

  1. vaccination card
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. 2 Photograph of the Child
  4. 1 Photograph of your Local Guardian

5.Do you provide transport facility for school children?

Yes, school has its own van service and driver is daily accompanied by lady helper.

6.Is the transport via school van safe?

Yes, it is safe due to three reason.

  1. Child will be handed to a local guardian whose name is mentioned in safety card.
  2. Van is GPS enabled and tracked during transit.
  3. Van driver is always accompanied by a lady helper.

7.What kind of activities you conduct for the children?

  • Tearing and Pasting
  • Beads Pasting
  • Day Mouldings
  • Colour Recognition
  • Festival Celebration
  • Field Trips
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Story Telling

8.Do you have any outdoor activity?

Yes, we organize field trips for the school children to places like Temple, Super Market, Post office and many more.

9.What are the various methods school uses to teach their children?

  • Story Telling
  • Audio Visual
  • Art and Craft
  • Flash Cards
  • Role Play Models
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Stage Presentation
  • Puzzle Solving

10.Do you have school uniform?

Yes, we have a school uniform .

11.How many courses do you offer?

Play, Nursery, LKG, UKG,1th & 5th

12.Are the admission open throughout the year?

Yes, Admission are open throughout the year.

13.Are the teachers and staff trained?

Proper training is given to all the teachers on a weekly level. All teachers are well Qualify and experienced.

14.Do you provide meals?

No, presently we do not provide meals.