About Butterfly Academy

We are located in Haridwar city which apart from being knowabout-kidn worldwide as city of temples is so famous for its ancient culture, knowledge and teachings.

Butterfly Academy is one of the best play in the feet of shivalik ranges of the Himalayas and the river Ganges of this holy city Haridwar. Since the environment plays a very crucial role in the free growth, nurturing and development of a child hence the Butterfly play group has been deliberately positioned in open and lush green environment.

We feel that the foundation stone for the ability of a child to learn is laid in the first 2 years and it continues up to 5 years thereafter. The mind of child is very active and vibrant in first few years and his/her mind wants to fly high and in every direction and hence we at butterfly provide wings to his thoughts with different shades and colors to every child.

A child learns best by what he sees or feels that is why we at butterfly provide an environment where the senses of child are mostly involved in learning like listening, touching, moving, seeing. The play way method of learning has been found to be the best method in stimulating the nerve cells of the brains hence all kids here are involved in various activities and they learn through it. The learning at Butterfly is made so much fun for kids through toys, clay arts, videos and indoor & outdoor educational games that they enjoy coming to school.

One of the most common worry with the parents sending their kids to play group is about their safety and hygiene, but at butterfly parents send their child with free mind because we provide highly secure campus with air conditioned classrooms monitored by CCTV cameras and hygienic food & water. Butterfly play school provides the day boarding\facility for the students of other school and the kids of working parents also. Our day care process is of unique and excellent quality which provides a homely touch to the kids via play and education.